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Want to Enjoy Smoking Weed? Here Are Some Tips For A Great High!

Want to Enjoy Smoking Weed? Here Are Some Tips For A Great High!

For those who have gotten comfy with cannabis, getting high cannot get any easier. Newbies and other people who might be averse to it might not find it a palatable experience. Weed has gained renown for initiating different effects on different people. My experience with it will be yours. You could feel it much more intensely than I would have to take the same dose. Getting high via alcohol is somewhat systemic and is sort of independent of where you are or who is around you. Just drink a few glasses or bottles and you might trip off. Weed on the other hand has its highs heavily dependent on the external environment. This includes majorly your location, the dosage, the manner of consumption, and your ability to tolerate the substance. Other numerous factors can heavily influence your high. These factors when unknown or unfamiliar, tend to inspire anxiety and nervousness in people. This is generally understandable.

So, how do you best enjoy your cannabis high? Are there any tricks to it? What are the tips that I need? If those are your questions, you are in the right place. Below are some cool tips that we think will help you best enjoy your cannabis high.

Preparation is very important

You need to take preparation seriously. Why? It can be the pivotal factor that guarantees your utmost enjoyment of the trip. If you are the type that enjoys adequate preparation, all you need is basically what to prepare for. It is important to have some sort of nourishment set aside. Snacks and refreshing drinks are the go-to products that will aid you. Make sure to keep them close to you. In terms of location, be sure to do it in a familiar environment where you’d feel safe and comfortable. If you are smoking alone, you should do it in an environment where you can have access to something light, you can decide to watch an interesting movie that you have missed a few episodes. You can also decide to watch an old favourite to vibe with. You can read a book or listen to a playlist of some of your favourite songs. Depending on the genre you value. You may choose RnB as opposed to others to others who may love rock and roll as a catalyst to their high. Preparing thoroughly gives advantageous foresight that can immediately turn your experience into an extraordinary one.

How you store your weed is important

Core users of cannabis have given rave reviews of how proper or poor storage of weed can affect the effectiveness of cannabis high. It is generally recommended that marijuana should be carefully stored in a cool, dark and dry place. No source of moisture or exposure to direct sunlight should be afforded to the marijuana flower. Do not store in a plastic bag but a glass or metal container is preferable to enhance the preservation of the potency of cannabis products. You will enjoy a better smell, retained potency as well as a good flavour.


Your foods will enhance your high
Experimentation may be needed especially if you have been using cannabis before. It is however universally recommended that the food you eat can enhance your high hence you should prepare that too. Snacking, eating fruits or having a proper dinner is a bright idea when the trip hits home. Cannabis ultimately increases the flavour of any food you eat. You will enjoy them better in taste and flavour. Do not let it go to waste. It will amplify your emotions too and optimum enjoyment.

Don’t be scared to try something new

In addition to your cannabis high, it is a good thing to maintain activity. It is not that relaxation is bad, but you can also enjoy other activities. It brings a brighter dimension to the things you have tried before. It will bring more life into your experience. While you are high, you can work out, sit down to meditate, enjoy a 15-minute yoga session or do a few chores around the house. However, there is no point engaging in the activity if it just doesn’t sync in with ease. Forcing yourself into an activity may not be a good idea. Hence, you can simply lay back and relax. This knowledge is important to manage your high and go at a slow pace. Do not go for something too hyperactive.

Mind your dosage

The amount of cannabis you ingest matters. Cannabis is a substance that one can easily adapt to as it is observed in those who have been using it before. It gets to a stage that smaller quantities of marijuana have minimal effect on the user. Newbies do not need that much cannabis to get their first high and for the next few tries.

Acknowledge your tolerance level

As cool as a high is, if it is not well managed, it can lead to a bad high. This is what you should. Know just how much cannabis you can tolerate. Know whether it is high or low. If your tolerance level is exceedingly low, you should be smart enough to not consume a high amount of cannabis than you can handle. If you have a relatively high level of tolerance, even after you have consumed several joints, you might not feel anything. Hence, it is advised that there should be a schedule for taking cannabis so you do not develop a tolerance that can be said to be too high. Ensure you take a break in between smokes and also, do not rush a joint to ease enjoyment. Take at least two weeks to break in between extensive smoking periods to allow your system to reboot and reset your tolerance levels.


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