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Favorite Vancouver Vendors! Shop from the best Vancouver.

Favorite Vancouver Vendors! Shop from the best Vancouver.

It was not until 2018 where cannabis was made legal in Canada, there was so much attached to this move, as the government Canadian government had a set goal in mind. Some of these included reducing the crime rate, protecting public health, and also protecting the youths in Canada. A top cannabis dispensary is all that you require, 

regardless of what you use the cannabis for, so in a bid to help you find just the perfect high, we’ve put together a list of some of the top dispensaries in Vancouver.

1. City cannabis

City cannabis is like the superhero for cannabis users, it has a mission of combating the stigma encircling cannabis, giving the community license to find legal cannabis for themselves.

Regardless of your status as a weed user whether expert or novice, the atmosphere, and aesthetics in their boutique are just too adorable to ignore. The stores are built to show Vancouver’s distinctive traits, with a whole lot of natural light and reclaimed wood.

What is the weed like? you may want to ask, well you cannot be anything less than impressed. City cannabis stores have a large range of products. They have mellow and smooth styles. Some of their famous products include sweet island skunk and unite Organic. Interestingly you get same-day weed delivery.

2. AR Cannabis


It is with pride in our heart that we make boast of our very own store, AR cannabis, it is on top with the leading outlets in Vancouver. It is a responsibility of ours to supply the community with all that they need to know about cannabis, and delivering you the best weed products available. We are passionate about education and recreational cannabis products, and if that’s your gig then we would enjoy the ride together.

Our broad range of amazing strains from Tweed Highlands to Edison Limelight is second to none. Do you want to try out some trending cannabis products? We have just the right stuff, stuff like the miracle worker, 

(Apothecanna Body lotion) to relieve you of muscle pain. You can make your order online and collect in-store with ease, we have multiple outlets in Vancouver and in Vernon too. Shopping with us has no regrets attached, that’s why we are one of the best dispensaries in Vancouver.

3. Evergreen cannabis society

Being the pioneer recreational cannabis store in Vancouver, Evergreen cannabis society’s fame is well deserved. Evergreen has taken it upon itself to provide the best lab-tested cannabis products. They stand out in that they stock some superb dry-herb vaporizers.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, they have an amazing knowledge of their crossbreed flowers from the original stuff. They are committed to informing their customers about the risk attributable to buying weed and also offering them the safest experience possible. Still undefeated Evergreen still holds the belt as the best weed dispensary in Vancouver.

4. Village Bloomery

Reputed for its captivating community aura and a broad range of delicious cannabis styles, village Bloomery is one of the best dispensaries in Vancouver.

At Village Bloomery it is believed that good energy, friendship, and happiness can be created by the responsible use of cannabis. One unique thing about Village Bloomery is 

that, they hold an organic product in high regard, and they source most of their products locally.

Sour cookies, 7Acres white widow, simply bear and just a few from the bunch of cannabis products Village Bloomery offers, tinctures, edibles or pre-rolls, regardless they have a product for everybody. You can easily order your stuff online and get your weed delivered to you with ease it encapsulates everything Vancouver weed delivery is all about.

5. Van Kush Delivery

Van Kush is dispensary is one of the best cannabis outlets in Vancouver. Van Kush Delivery offers users virtual Kush delivery in Vancouver & Lower Mainland. Some cities like Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Coquitlam. Surrey &Whiterock Vancouver included, with just a minimum of about $300 order. E-transfer, credit card on-site, cash on-site, Interac, and bitcoin are just some of the payment methods available. Newbies get a 25% off promo code. for Van Kush Delivery customers is KUSHVAN25. Van Kush Delivery offers Flowers, Magic Mushrooms, Edibles just to list a few.  



The green mate is one of the best cannabis stores in Vancouver, it can stand tall as one of the fastest outlets around. Their delivery takes a maximum of 2 hours and even lesser time if you stay closer.

They have a wide range of wonderful weed products, flowers, edibles, and even concentrate. You just need to order online and you get your product on the same day. they also take pride in educating their clients on just the right product they need to get the right level of high.  

7. Marigolds Cannabis

This is one of the latest addition to the Gastown area. It is just the perfect site for those who find pleasure dining there, and visitors is the nearest to the cruise ship terminal amongst the other cannabis stores, that is because of its proximity to Vancouver seaport.

On the Marigolds Cannabis webpage, there is a broad range of cannabis flowers, vapes, and edibles to pick from there is satisfaction for everyone.

8. Hobo Cannabis Company

Hobo Cannabis Company, is one of the most captivating cannabis stores with a focused aim to make weed purchasing a very interesting and unarming experience. Hobo is out there on a mission to remove every stigma and educate you on all the amazing facts you need to know about the cannabis plant.

On their menu is some jaw-dropping stuff. to whet your appetite, try out the ‘Edison’ chocolate truffles and the Aurora Blue dream. There are so many Hobo cannabis dispensaries in the Vancouver area, all you need do is to make your order online and go to the nearest store to pick up your goods.

9. Dutch Love

With more than 20 different locations in the Vancouver area, Dutch Love is a wonderful network cannabis store. They offer topical cannabis experiences that satisfy both newbies and expert cannabis users. In Vancouver a few of their major outlets include Robson Street, Airport, Kitsilano just to list a few, you can check it out to enjoy the best high experience.

10. UEM cannabis

One of the best cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver, UEM cannabis is dedicated to providing you with an amazing strain of marijuana selection, bongs, and weed accessories. At UEM cannabis, you have a professional and safe space where you get the assistance you need and also enjoy ease. Their service is second to none, they also offer an unrivaled consultation, which goes a long way to help you make just the perfect decision when you are looking for the right kind of high.   


There you have it some of the highly ranked cannabis stores in Vancouver. This site is getting transferred to Van Kush Delivery. Regardless you can always try the store which is closest to you, and there is no harm in trying multiple stores until you find your perfect match.

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