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Trunk Funk | Indica


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Trunk Funk Strain Information

Get into the furrow with Trunk Funk, an Indica-predominant half breed strain that will make them correspond in a matter of moments. Developed by intersection White Tahoe Cookies with Do-Si-Dos, this jiving strain will make them feel calm and relaxed. In case you’re searching for a very wet strain that will split in a second elevate your spirits, at that point you’ve discovered it with this intriguing excellence.

Health advantages

As you enjoy the flavors, you’ll feel the body fall into a couchlock state as a sleeping disorder, agony, stress, and tension are wiped out.  The lift in elation is going with sensations of joy that will lift your spirits, while likewise loosening up your body.

Appearance, Taste, And Aroma

Tart, harsh, and shockingly hot notes convey elation, quiet, and a temperament help that will spread your grin from up close. On the breath out, the sharp kind of diesel and sweet citrus can are felt on the tongue.

Trunk Funk welcomes an impactful odor that will right away skunk up your room. Experience a taste like sweet lemons and skunky diesel that is on the lighter side of zest.


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