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Bluefin Tuna | Hybrid



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Bluefin Tuna Strain Information

Bluefin Tuna Kush is a favorite breed in Western Canada because of its high THC articles, dank odor, and powerful outcomes. You won’t locate it on the dinner menu, however, it is good before and after a meal.

Medical Benefits

Experience a thick, body sedating rock with Bluefin Tuna. After a couple of minutes, the burden of this strain rolls down like placing a hot weighted vest on. Experienced smokers will not have any issue with this, but newcomer consumers might find it powerful and fall asleep immediately. Users may feel that a sweet and lively high followed by a hefty body buzz will have you sleeping like a baby. This is a great breed for pain, depression, and sleeplessness.

The euphoric feelings of Bluefin Tuna persist throughout the buzz, however, heavyweight stoners can not withstand the propensity to sleep after that the high has worn away. In this, the stress is used through the night and is very good for treating insomnia and other sleeping illnesses.

Together side insomnia, those suffering from chronic pain seek relief from Bluefin Tuna. The sedation arouses muscular strain and alleviates pubic pain in previous injuries, injuries, and even more.

Taste, Look, and Aroma

Though the appearance looks more of a Tuna Kush compared to Blueberry, the fruity flavor shines through and contrasts the senses. In the very first whiff of this Bluefin Tuna, a blueberry pie odor brings a grin to the face, followed by an appealing, yet peculiar skunky backdrop. Commonly a skunky blueberry is not the taste most men and women search for but do not knock it till you try it.


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