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First time trying out weed? I will assume that you have probably been informed by several blogs online. You have researched what it feels like and how strong the effects are. The answers might not be concise because it feels entirely different for different people. Some beginners may not feel anything at all while others may feel dizzy or severely stoned and a deep trip starts. Some people end up sleeping off. The intensity of this depends heavily on the strain and dosage as well as your countenance before you use it.

Five interested tips will help you enjoy the cannabis trip :

1) Stay hydrated before smoking (drink a lot of water)


Do not take any puff when you notice any discomfort, pass on the joint till the feeling fades away.

People that smoke cannabis often ends up with a dry mouth. Therefore, drink lots of water before smoking and also keep a bottle of water nearby to rehydrate and avoid a dry mouth. As a beginner, take only small puffs and do not dive in deep at first. Do not attempt to smoke for hours, you might not be ready just yet.

Dry mouth doesn’t last long and it occurs as a result of the effect of the psychoactive compound present in cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) binds the salivary gland does limiting the lubrication of the mouth. As the effects dissipate, everything becomes normal.

2) Use of plain joints, Edibles or Concentrates 

As a beginner, do not overindulge. Start small and enjoy the light feeling. Use the opportunity to how your body responds to cannabis. There are several options you can consider for smoking weed e.g Vapes, joints and other varieties of devices as may be available in the market. Beginners should go primitive by simply sharing a joint with a friend. Do this with someone who has rolled a joint and smoked it before. If you are with another newbie, you should consult someone with more experience to help you roll the joint. If you bought it from a dispensary, you can ask for guidance from the vendor. Inform them of your newbie status.

Keep in mind that the effects won’t set in quick enough, could take a few minutes or more. The onset differed per strain consumed and the intensifies vary as well depending on potency. Do not because the trip is delayed take multiple puffs after just a few seconds. If you are sharing with someone, pass it on a d wait it out to gauge your body’s response. Note if there is a change in mood. Do you feel a different sort of calm or ecstasy?

3) Always have someone to smoke with 

It mostly amounts to a bad experience when you experiment with a substance such as this on your own. Without prior experience, you have no idea the way it would affect you. Find a trustworthy and experienced person to enjoy it with. They will be able to observe when you are at your limit to prevent you from overindulging.

After gathering experience with it, and you know how it makes you feel, you will have more control. If you are not smoking alone, you can try your best to explain to them how you feel and also tell them how you feel. To keep you coming back to smoke weed again, make sure you do everything possible to enjoy it. 

4) Music helps a lot too

 Music helps inspire you to be in a good mood which can be just right for your high. The effects can be weird when you are stressed or depressed. Listen to some of your best tracks that put you in a good mood. It will provide a perfect atmosphere for your experience.

Music makes you empathetic and open. It sets the right time that will aid your first time smoking weed. Choose a piece of slick and upbeat music, sing along if you can to the music in the background. You are set for an enjoyable experience.

5) The end 

The end of the weed trip is not as complicated as an alcoholic hangover. A heavy sleep might just get over you and that is why you should smoke weed in the evening before you go to bed. It is more convenient that way. You may feel deep tiredness so do not be afraid, it will wear off after a while. Cottonmouth or dry mouth is another visible sign that may succeed the high and it may appear early the following morning. Drink plenty of water as suggested before, during and after puffs. It will reduce the dry mouth effect.

For an enjoyable weed smoking experience for first-timers, adhere strictly to the tips enlisted above. Your first time can be an enjoyable one for good reasons. Get set for a fun and smooth experience in a relaxed mood. Enjoy as much as possible with dear friends preferably those who have had experience with smoking weed. Get someone to roll a joint for you with a safe amount of weed included in the joint for a safe experience. Drink water before, during or after the smoke. Play some good music to initiate the perfect ambience that will enhance the occasion. Be wise don’t overdose and enjoy yourself. Love marijuana right and it will treat you nicely.


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